Contemporary Job Searching

What is contemporary job searching?

Contemporary Job Searching is a workshop designed for participants who are aiming to achieve greater success in the current job market.

Times have changed, so too have the ways of securing employment- particularly in the digital era.

  • Provides fresh ideas when trying to improve your job searching strategies.
  • Shows you how a variety of different techniques – aiming to improve your overall performance.
  • Gives you a solid understanding of the benefits of networking.
  • Explains how to enhance your skills and create effective digital profiles.
  • Find out how to automate your job searching methods.
  • Re-energises your approach and helps create clear plans to invigorate your career.

To book a workshop for up to 20 participants, simply email  or call 0488 048 448

Alternatively – for individuals, simply check the Public Workshop Schedule below to find the next free Public Workshop date.