Congratulations! You have just been selected to attend an interview. Are you ready?  I’m guessing your nerves have just kicked in? Or maybe you just need clarity and direction when answering rigorous interview questions.  Well, you needn’t worry because we can help you tackle those nerves so you appear much more confident when answering the challenging questions.

Does the fear of an interview just get in the way of showing an employer just how great you really are? There is no need to worry any longer! With these straightforward steps you will feel more confident and ultimately enhance your performance at any interview.

  • Get help tackling – The behavioural style questions.
  • Tips and Tricks – To increase your confidence and improve your performance.
  • Find out what employers expect from you & How to address those expectations.
  • Successful Strategies – Focussing on your strengths and how to communicate effectively.
  • Practise interview questions – Designed specifically for your interview.
  • Preparation Guidance – Before, during & after the interview – The Do’s & Don’ts!
  • Mock Interviews – Practise equals development. Performance critique & constructive feedback.With so many different styles of interviews – You need to understand how to perform well at each:
  • Digital
  • Over the Phone
  • Face to Face
  • Panel Interviews
  • Group Interviews & Assessment Centres
  • First, Second & Third Interviews

It is normal to experience anxiety when it comes to a job interview. But help is on hand! With expert coaching and guidance – assisting you every step of the way with your interview journey – You can be assured that you’re not on your own!

Our coaching aims to make sure that you are completely comfortable and feel entirely at ease in readiness to improve your overall performance.

To book a workshop for up to 20 participants, simply email  or call 0488 048 448

Alternatively – for individuals, simply check the Public Workshop Schedule below to find the next free Public Workshop date.