Craft Your Career

This insightful workshop is designed to help participants establish their career goals. Ultimately it aims to provide participants with an understanding of how to set career goals and then implement effective career action plans – to achieve the desired goal.

  • Considers the resources you will need to create a career plan.
  • Shows you where to find free advice, guidance and support to help implement your future career plans.
  • Gives you clear goal setting methods and simple strategies to help reach goals.
  • Identifies resources to use in order to accelerate your career choices.
  • Helps you understand where to start with career transitioning.
  • Offers you insights into market trends, future growth and hidden jobs.
  • Gives you tips on how to build connections and leverage on opportunities.

To book a workshop for your participants, simply email

Alternatively – for individuals, simply check the Public Workshop Schedule below to find the next free public Workshop date.