Starting A Business From Home

Designed for prospective entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a small business from home. This workshop provides individuals with a solid foundation providing information on the elements to consider.

  • Identifies the key steps needed before launching your business.
  • Looks at the different types of insurance available and what you need
  • Helps you to understand why you should research your target market.
  • Business development tips and tricks.
  • Focusses on self-motivation at home and how to avoid the pitfalls!
  • Key Performance Indicators – (KPI’s) – Why you need them.
  • Simple financials to keep you on track
  • Office set-up – The Do’s & Don’ts

To book a workshop for up to 20 participants, simply email  or call 0488 048 448

Alternatively – for individuals, simply check the Public Workshop Schedule below to find the next free Public Workshop date.