Have you checked out the Youth Encouragement Grant from the City of Rockingham?

When you’re just starting out, your resume may look a bit empty. That’s totally normal and developing skills can take time and money. The good news is, the City of Rockingham is here to lend a hand with their Youth Encouragement Grant!

City of Rockingham supporting the community with the Youth Encouragement Grant

If you or your child is aged between 12-24 years old and live in the City of Rockingham, you can apply for the Youth Encouragement Grant, worth up to $600.

The grant can be used to help with course or training fees to help develop the right knowledge and skills, with particular focus on:


  • Gain skills for potential employment
  • Build confidence
  • Develop skills to enable further volunteering


  • Extra-curricular education opportunities outside of usual school options, alternate pathway program, ability to participate in further education
  • Career guidance and development
  • Acquire accreditation, certificate and/or ticket


  • Participation in leadership training
  • Develop or improve leadership and/or communication skills
  • Develop or improve resilience

Social Skills and Knowledge

  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills (e.g. active listening, explaining, clarity)
  • Improve life skills, resilience
  • Build skill or gain knowledge
  • Proposed activity promotes personal growth

Community Participation

  • Greater connection to the Rockingham community
  • Greater active participation in the Rockingham community
  • Increase contribution to society

So think along the lines of Barista training, First Aid, Beauty Training, Photography… all sorts.

Even better news is that you can apply once per year, every year between 1st July -30th June. So if you have 3 kids, that’s up to $1800 worth of training every year!  Paid for by City of Rockingham.  Pretty cool or what!

To apply for the grant, you’ll need to fill out the application, and make sure you include the supporting documents:

  • Details of program, such as:
    • cost
    • date and time
    • organisation details
    • contact number
    • location of program
    • program content or list of objectives
  • Proof of age
  • Proof of home address.

There are certain things the grant can’t be used for, so make sure you read all the details before applying.

Grab the grant, then Level Up your resume

Did you know that you can bring your teenager(s) or young adult to the Level Up Clinic for a 1:2:1 Appointment with me and walk away with a new resume tailored to their needs? 

The clinic runs every Wednesday at the Rockingham Youth Centre. Bookings are essential. Choose between a 4pm or 5pm appointment.

Places are limited so book today!

☎ Call: 9591 0836

📧 Email: youthcentre@rockingham.wa.gov.au

So once the training and courses are completed, get that resume ready and all the prep you need to impress at those interviews.

I also have regular Youth-focused workshops running throughout May and June, so check out my Workshop Schedule and find your nearest venue.

Or if you’d prefer some one-on-one assistance, book a tailored session with me and let’s moving towards career success.